Selected by Chance: An Interview with Ralf Reilmann

 HD INSIGHTS: Dr. Reilmann, you recently founded the George Huntington institute in Münster, Germany. What is the vision of the Institute?

 REILMANN: We want to be a dynamic factor in the development andtranslation of approaches to treating HD. We want to contribute to finding acure, while providing the best possible, research-based care for patients and their relatives.

We also want to foster international collaboration and friendship among HD researchers, and could potentially be a harbor for those

who find it problematic to survive in their current settings doing HD research.We also want to directly connect the people in this region to our

mission. The institute gives us the opportunity to educate people, including patients, about what’s going on in research, and gives them the opportunity to participate in trials. With a critical mass of people working together— physicians, neuropsychologists, study nurses, researchers— it’s a much more stimulating environment. Development in HD is by no means driven by any one person.

It’s a continual pleasure to see what collaboration and international research support can bring about, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Unfortunately, neurodegenerative diseases like HD are very badly reimbursed in the national health schemes of Germany and other European countries, and it’s quite difficult to find support for HD research and care in a large hospital setting. So, the impetus for our formation was to create an infrastructure that allows us to offer Huntington’s patients the optimum level of care, and support our research efforts.


Source: HD Insights


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