Nuvilex reports breakthrough in stem cell research

Nuvilex, Inc., an emerging biotechnology provider of cell and gene therapy solutions, has announced that the company’s cell encapsulation technology and the breakthrough in stem cell research which overcomes specific fundamental challenges faced in stem cell therapy – host rejection and migration of implanted cells away from the target site.

Stem cell therapy is believed by many medical researchers as holding a key to treating cancer, type 1 diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Celiac Disease, cardiac failure, muscle damage, neurological disorders, and other chronic, debilitating diseases. There are presently >1,400 registered trials using stem cells that are recruiting patients ( The encapsulation technology being advanced allows live stem cells to be implanted into robust, flexible and permeable capsules where they can replicate inside the capsules at the target site free from attack by the body’s immune system and free to undergo natural changes to become the appropriate cell type needed.

The Goldman Small Cap Research report, issued February 29, 2012, noted some inherent difficulties encountered in stem cell treatments, such as keeping stem cells alive for significant periods of time, potential rejection of the cells and subsequent destruction by the recipient’s immune system, and the migration of the stem cells away from the critical treatment site, while making a distinction that the Company’s cell encapsulation technology overcomes these concerns.

The report also accurately recognized, “Cells encapsulated in SG Austria’s porous beads remain alive for long periods of time in humans, surviving intact for at least two years. Once encapsulated, cells are protected from the body’s immune system. Furthermore, encapsulated cells remain within the beads and do not migrate out of the beads to other sites in the body.”

In assessing the overall importance of this technology to Nuvilex’s overall business model, Goldman pointed out, “The company’s acquisition of the Cell-in-a-Box approach along with the expertise of SG Austria could significantly advance the implementation and utilization of stem cells for a host of debilitating diseases and conditions, in addition to being used to target cancer cells, thus making it a uniquely valuable commodity. We believe that by partnering with leading players in the field, Nuvilex could find that companies with deep pockets would be happy to collaborate or license the delivery system and engage in further research which could result in meaningful development and licensing revenue.”


Source: pharmabiz

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