Anticipated Approval of Three New Therapies Through 2023 Will Expand Treatment Options for the Control and Relief of Motor Symptoms in Huntington’s Disease

Lack of Disease-Modifying Therapies is Expected to Remain a Critical Unmet Need and Provides Ample Opportunity for Developers, According to Findings from Decision Resources Group

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Decision Resources Group finds that three therapies, Teva’s Huntexil, Auspex’s SD-809 and Raptor’s Procysbi, will likely receive regulatory approval for Huntington’s disease (HD) in the United States and the EU5 markets (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom) during the 2013-2023 study period. Notably, all three therapies are expected to be used primarily to control and relieve motor symptoms. Despite the very high unmet need for disease-modifying therapies in HD, such as gene therapies, none are expected to enter the market during the study period, owing to the considerable challenges of modulating gene expression in the human brain. Interviewed experts indicate awareness of the development of Isis Pharmaceuticals’ ISIS-HTTRX (an antisense oligonucleotide currently in preclinical studies) but acknowledge that serious barriers remain before this approach could provide real benefits to their patients.

Other key findings from the Niche Markets and Rare Diseases: Huntington’s Disease report:

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Source: PR Newswire

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