Lundbeck Partners with the Hereditary Disease Foundation, Pledges Five Additional Years of Support for Build Hope for Huntington’s Disease Campaign

On fifth anniversary of partnership, Lundbeck announces five-year commitment to Venezuelan clinic that is vital to the Huntington’s disease community


oday, Lundbeck and the Hereditary Disease Foundation announced the launch of the fifth annual Build Hope for Huntington’s Disease (HD) initiative. The online donation campaign helps support the Casa Hogar Corea de Huntington Amor y Fe (Huntington’s Chorea Home of Love and Faith). This clinic provides care for the Venezuelan families who were essential in leading to groundbreaking discoveries in HD and other genetic diseases. To prompt a donation from Lundbeck, visit or and click on the campaign icon. For every click before the end of the year, Lundbeck will donate $15 to the clinic, up to $25,000.

“For the past four years, Lundbeck has generously supported the Casa Hogar, which is so crucial to the Venezuelan families with Huntington’s disease. These Venezuelan families helped find the Huntington’s disease gene,” said Nancy Wexler, Ph.D., President of the Hereditary Disease Foundation and Higgins Professor of Neuropsychology, Columbia University. “Each year, Lundbeck’s support helps sustain them at a critical moment in time. Lundbeck has provided over $260,000 since the campaign’s inception four years ago. This generous support has sustained the clinic and allowed it to continue serving the local HD community.”

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Lundbeck’s partnership with the Hereditary Disease Foundation, Lundbeck is also announcing an additional five years of support for the Casa Hogar clinic through Build Hope for HD.

“Through the Build Hope for HD campaign, Lundbeck has had the privilege of giving back to the Venezuelan HD families who have played such a critical role in advancing our understanding of HD and genetic research,” said Raimonds Dzelme, Senior Director of Movement Disorders Marketing of Lundbeck in the United States. “We are absolutely thrilled to announce our support of this important campaign for another five years as part of our long-term commitment to the HD community. As research continues and progress is made, we look forward to contributing to future advancements and ultimately a cure that will help bring hope to the families who are affected by this devastating disease.”

The Casa Hogar clinic opened in 1999 after a decade of collaboration between the Hereditary Disease Foundation and local Venezuelan authorities. The Casa Hogar provides free general and HD-specific medical treatments, food, care and an integrated nursing home to thousands of family members with HD who live along the shores of Lake Maracaibo. The clinic serves as a model for best care practices in the HD community, despite challenges of poverty in the area. The Hereditary Disease Foundation has supported the costs associated with the clinic for fifteen years, including medical care, supplies, salaries and other expenses.

“Thanks to the families living around the shores of Lake Maracaibo, we located the HD gene in 1983 and found the gene itself in 1993,”1,2 said Wexler. “These extraordinary family members revolutionize HD research and forever changed the lives of people living with HD around the world. The Casa Hogar opened to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by these families. It is crucial to support this community and work together to find a cure for HD! This is within our grasp! Your support makes the next discovery possible.”

To learn more about the clinic and how much each click matters, visit the Moving Together for HD Facebook page or the Hereditary Disease Foundation’s website (


Source: Lundbeck US

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