Ban on genetic test results for insurance renewed by industry

The existing moratorium on the use of genetic test results has been extended by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).
The voluntary agreement, first established in 2001 by the industry states that life, critical illiness and income protection insurance policies may be purchased by consumers without the obligation to disclose the results of predictive genetic tests they may have had. It excludes just one serious condition for which there is a highly predictive genetic test (Huntington’s disease), and then only for high-value policies.
Now the ABI says the moratorium, previously in place until 2014 (see previous news), will run until 2017, and will next be reviewed in 2014, in conjunction with the UK Department of Health.

Health Minister Anne Milton commented: “This is an excellent agreement that has benefitted both patients and consumers. The extension of the moratorium will ensure that the public continue to have confidence in using predictive genetic tests and being insured”.


Source: PHG Foundation is the trading name of the Foundation for Genomics and Population Health

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