Prana’s Huntington Disease trial analysis to feature at global movement disorder conference

Prana Biotechnology Ltd (ASX PBT: NASDAQ PRAN) is pleased to announce that further analysis of the results of its REACH2HD trial to treat Huntington Disease will be featured at the 20th Annual International Movement Disorder Society Congress.

The analysis by researchers and statisticians at Georgetown MedStar University, Washington, DC, examined the relationship between formal cognitive testing and verbatim patient reports of their most bothersome problems. The results are featured as a poster presentation at the conference in Berlin on June 22, 2016.

Lancet Neurology has previously published the results of the REACH2HD trial in Huntington disease*. At the time, the authors noted that trial participants receiving a once a day oral dose of PBT2 showed an improvement in a pre-determined outcome – Trails Making Test Part B (TMTB), a measure of executive functioning. The new analysis in today’s poster presentation shows that of those trial participants self-reporting an improvement in their thinking, 90% were on Prana’s PBT2 treatment.

Prana director and movement disorders expert Professor Ira Shoulson welcomed the analysis findings.

“These analyses are reassuring, and the findings provide clinical meaningfulness to the objective and statistically significant improvement we saw in Trailmaking B testing of cognitive performance from the trial,” he said.

The poster will be available on Prana’s website


Source: Prana Biotechnology Limited 

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