Statement of the EHDN Executive Committee about the PRIDE-HD trial


EHDN EC Chairs’ Statement

At the EHDN plenary meeting in the Hague in September 2016 and in a subsequent press release, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries reported the preliminary results of the PRIDE-HD trial, an exploratory phase 2 trial of pridopidine endorsed by the EHDN.

The company reported a slowing of the decline in Total Functional Capacity (TFC) in a subgroup of pridopidine-treated patients with early stage Huntington’s disease.

These results hold promise and justify the interest in further exploring pridopidine as a therapeutic agent for Huntington’s disease. However, there has been discussion over the statement in the press release that these results indicate that pridopidine slows down disease progression in HD. This statement needs to be read in the context of the whole document, which clearly speaks about slowing decline in functional capacity. This should not be misunderstood as a demonstration of disease modification or of neuroprotection. We welcome TEVA’s commitment to conduct a further phase 3 clinical trial, which will properly address whether pridopidine can deliver a functional benefit to HD patients. We also look forward to the publication of all results of this trial, which may reveal further insights into the potential of pridopidine for HD patients.

In the name of the EHDN Executive committee

Anne Rosser, Co-Chair Jean-Marc Burgunder Chair

Cardiff, Bern, 6.10.2016


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