EHDN 2016 – progress in plain language

The 2016 plenary meeting followed EHDN tradition in bringing together scientists and clinicians from diverse specialities with people affected by HD and their families and carers. This year there was one important innovation, however: we asked presenters to preface their talks with a few words that explained the significance of their work in plain language. The speakers understood what was being asked of them very well, and judging by the feedback we have received from delegates with a non-scientific background, or who work in disciplines other than the one under discussion, the innovation was a success.

Much of the science presented at the meeting was novel and exciting, as this newsletter will attest. It’s always hard to pick out individual talks, but this year we were treated to some motivating insights from research in other diseases, notably the positive results of the application of RNA therapy to neuromuscular diseases of children. These kinds of presentations bring home to us just how important it is to look beyond our own field for guidance about the directions our research could take – and for hope that it will ultimately make a difference. 


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