Affrontare il rischio genetico e proteggere la speranza

It took place yesterday, January 24, at the Hall of the Gemelli General Hospital in Rome, the presentation of the book Affrontare il rischio genetico e proteggere la speranza in the presence of the co-authors and important representatives of the scientific world: Paolo Maria Rossini, Professor of Neurology, Maurizio Genuardi, Director of Genomic Medicine Institute, Rino Falcone, Director of Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, and Luciano Onder, Tv journalist and host.

The book is  the report of the research on Huntington’s Disease started in the early eighties by two researchers of CNR, Gioia Jacopini and Marina Frontali , who gave birth to a different way of doing research, strongly on the field and that, thanks to the availability of the patients’ families,  led to the development of a unique and extraordinary partnership model.

Gioia Jacopini and Marina Frontali briefly retraced their history from the beginning of their careers as researchers on Huntington’s Disease. The beautiful thing for me – said Gioia Jacopini  after the presentation – was the climate of participatory interest that has been created during the meeting. As if we were all on a same wavelength.

The book, published by Mondadori,  is  an initiative of ‘Italian Association of Huntington’s Chorea Rome NPO’ (AICH-Roma Onlus) with the support of BioRep, Service Provider and Biological Bank, world reference for several research projects on genetic diseases included HD.


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