We Are HDSA! • Issue 5, August 2012

Summer travel! A time to see new sights, visit friends and  family or fulfill a lifelong dream.Taking a trip can be a great
change of pace that creates lasting memories. HD makes  travel more challenging – with concerns above and beyond
the ordinary disruptions of going on vacation. Medications,  medical equipment, and mobility issues may have to be included  in planning the trip. Hunger, thirst, and the need for rest must be addressed, as well as emotional and cognitive impairments. But,  if you take into account the individual’s current symptoms of HD,  there may be ways to minimize or mitigate them so that you can  all enjoy your time away from home.
Before settling on a destination, you may want to consider the  following:
• Do your trip plans match the interests and abilities of the person with HD? Does the person have a particular hobby
or interest that you could build a trip around?
• Is there room for flexibility on the level of activity and interaction that will occur during the trip?
• Based on your knowledge of the person with HD, will it be more comfortable for them if you break the travel into short
segments, with additional time for rest, or does it make more  sense to push on and travel straight through without lengthy  stops? Would air travel or travel by car make more sense?
• If you are thinking of a cruise, are the mealtimes frequent or flexible?
• Do your tickets allow you to change your travel dates or flights?
• Will your loved one need handicapped seating during travel or
at your destination, and do you have to ask for it in advance?
• Will your loved one need a medical device, such as a walker or wheelchair, at your destination? Do you have to
ask for it in advance?
If there is an HDSA Chapter in the area you are planning to visit, you may want to contact them. Someone at the chapter  may be able to suggest local museums, attractions, and restaurants that are wheelchair accessible and HD friendly
and they may be able to help you with problems that arise  during your trip.


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