Make a Difference During Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month, May 2012

May is Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month. It’s the time when we focus on reaching out beyond the HD community to educate the general public about Huntington’s disease and HDSA.


Faces of Huntington’s


The best way to explain the devastation of HD is to tell the story of someone who has to confront its challenges on a daily baseis. Therefore, each day during May we will feature a person with HD, a caregiver, a clinician or a scientist who is truly a “Face of HD.” We will feature their personal story on the national website ( We will also send out the stories by email daily. Please help spread the word by forwarding the emails to your friends and colleagues, or ask them to visit this link.


HDSA May Awareness Events


Please visit the HDSA Events calendarto find a Team Hope Walk, Celebration of Hope, Educational Meeting or other event taking place during the month of May. Participate. Volunteer. Bring your friends. Show your support for members of the HD community in your area.


Speak Up


If you are willing to speak to the media, or to public groups about your experience with Huntington’s disease, please contact your local HDSA Regional Director or Chapter/Affiliate Leader (visit Find HDSA In Your Community for contact information) and tell them you would like to speak about HD.


Advocate for the HD Parity Act


May is a great time to visit the offices of your local represntatives who have not yet committed to S648 and HR718. Call and ask if they are willing to support May HD Awareness activities and learn about the HD Parity Act. For more information, please contact Jane Kogan at, 212 242 1968 ext. 226.


Build Awareness for HD at your Workplace or School


In Your Genes Promotion Kit

Almost anyone would welcome the opportunity to have a “casual day” at work – whether they have regular “casual Fridays” or not. In Your Genes is a way to capitalize on casual workdays, while creating greater awareness of HD and HDSA and raising funds to support local mission activities. The Kit contains everything you will need to promote In Your Genes to local businesses and schools. Send us a list of the participating companies and photos from their event. If you have any questions about In Your Genes, or need additional materials please email Sarah Pattison at, 212-242-1968 ext. 218.

Hearts for Huntington’s Pin-Up Campaign

Hearts for Huntington’s Pin-Ups are a great opportunity for companies, schools, retail outlets and other businesses to help HDSA raise awareness and funds for HD. In association with the Team Hope Walk program, this campaign helps to unite volunteers and donors from across the country.
The pin-up campaign can be used to add value as a wrap-around event to the Team Hope program in your community or could be used to help your Chapter and Affiliate raise money and awareness during HD May Awareness Month. Please contact Sarah Pattison at, 212-242-1968 ext. 218.


Source: Huntington’s Disease Society of America

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