2012 HD Therapeutics Conference
Ed Wild, University College London, UK & Jeff Carroll, Western Washington University, USA Palm Springs provided the backdrop to the 2012 Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Conference. Hosted by CHDI, the Conference brought together
many of the world’s top HD researchers to discuss the latest research and form valuable partnerships.

Systems Biology
The Conference began with a focus on Systems Biology (a term used to convey the idea that everything, from molecules and cells to communities, is connected). Keith Elliston (CHDI Vice President for Systems Biology) aims to apply the Systems Biology approach to maximize the work of HD scientists.
Lee Hood (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle), an expert in applying technology to disease, has recently become interested in HD. Hood’s team is sequencing the whole genomes of HD families and is looking for DNA changes that may affect the age at which HD symptoms begin.
Jim Gusella reflected on his work aimed at identifying genes that affect the progression of HD. Gusella plans to apply analytical methods using the interconnections of genes, to get the most out of large genetic studies that are underway.


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