HDBuzz was launched in January 2011 by Huntington’s disease researchers Dr Ed Wild (UCL, London) and Dr Jeff Carroll (Western Washington University). Its stated aim is to supply “the latest news about Huntington’s disease research in plain language, written by scientists who work on HD”.

As well as being accessible at hdbuzz.net, news is syndicated to a number of Huntington’s disease community web sites,as well as via social media routes including Facebook, Twitter and email.

HDBuzz articles are published in English and translated by volunteers into nine other languages.


HDBuzz is financially supported by national and regional Huntington’s disease patient and family organizations. Among the eleven supporting organizations are the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDA), Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) and the Huntington’s Disease Association of England & Wales.

A policy on neutrality of funding sources precludes HDBuzz from receiving “funding or support from drug companies or anyone else with a vested interest in a particular therapy for HD”, while funding organizations “do not receive special access to” or “editorial control over [its] content.”

HDBuzz is a registered charity in the UK.


An oversight committee of “independent clinicians, scientists and lay community members” scrutinizes HDBuzz content “to ensure … content is impartial, scientifically accurate and understandable”. Emmy award-winning journalist and Huntington’s disease advocate Charles Sabine is a Consulting Publisher to HDBuzz.


  • The HDBuzz project was presented at the 2011 World Congress on Huntington’s Disease.
  • HDBuzz received the 2011 Award for Scientific Communication by the Huntington’s Disease Association of Northern Ireland (HDANI).
  • In November 2011, HDBuzz was the subject of an editorial article in the scientific journal Trends in Molecular Medicine, published by Cell Press.

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