Dr. Jeff Carroll discusses family, research, being gene positive and HDBuzz

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On the kind of cool, grey, drizzly day that  marks fall on the West Coast, Jeff Carroll  is putting together his new research lab at  Western Washington University. In a lot of ways, the 34 year old has it made:  an impressive list of scientific publications,  a job offer that has brought him back home  to friends and family and a reputation as an  up-and-coming researcher with a knack for  communicating complex topics. Ironically, he owes it all to a small DNA stutter,  a few extra CAG repeats passed on from his  grandmother to his mother, and now on to him.
As a 20-something, Jeff was bright but  lacked direction. After dropping out of high  school, he spent a few years in the army and  was dabbling in a few community-college  philosophy courses when his mother was  diagnosed with Huntington disease (HD).With  little information then available about the  disease, Jeff signed up for a biology class to  get a better grasp on what was happening to  his mom. One thing led to another. He completed a PhD  with world-renown HD researcher Dr. Michael  Hayden and recently wrapped up a post doc  at Harvard Medical School. He is a co-founder  of HDBuzz, a website covering Huntington’s  research that attracts more than 70,000 visits a month, and he is a highly soughtafter speaker who regularly earns standing  ovations at Huntington’s conferences.


Source: HORIZON Huntington Society of Canada