EHDN research highlights

For this edition of the newsletter we’ve been flicking through the rollerdeck of EHDN-funded research projects to bring a selection of them to your attention. Most of these projects are listed on the EHDN website but are so well-hidden that you would be forgiven for not realising they exist (the website will soon get a facelift).

You might not be aware, for example, that Anne Rosser of Cardiff University and her team are setting up a network of six British university hospital sites whose goal is to collect fetal tissue carrying the HD mutation. They want to know if the HD mutation affects the development of the striatum—a part of the brain that is affected in the early stages of HD. This means studying the anatomy, gene expression profile and cellular characteristics of fetal brain
tissue. Collecting such tissue requires that the appropriate procedures are followed—not least the obtaining of consent by a specially trained research nurse. It’s those procedures, across the six sites, that this project aims to put
in place.


Source: Euro HD

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