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Many clinical trials don’t end in breakthroughs—but researchers can still learn a great deal   when a potential new treatment is tested for the first time in people, everyone hopes for the best—that this will be the one that really works and really makes a difference for patients. But the reality is that most drugs aren’t breakthroughs. In fact only about one in five of the drugs that are promising enough to begin tests in humans turn out to be safe and effective enough to make it to market. However, just because a drug isn’t quite good enough doesn’t necessarily mean that the trial is a total loss. A clearly negative outcome at least provides a straightforward answer. It allows researchers to stop putting time, energy and resources into a doomedproject, and move on to other projects that are more likely to succeed. “Sometimes this is the best answer that a trial can give: That road has been explored and it’s closed,” says Cristina Sampaio, MD, PhD, the Chief Clinical Officer at CHDI. “We should not put more investments there.”

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