Social Security Administration Announces Compassionate Allowance Designation for Juvenile Onset Huntington’s Disease

Time to qualify for SSD benefits reduced from months to days

On April 11, Social Security Commissioner, Michael J. Astrue,
announced that the Social Security Administration (SSA) was
adding Juvenile Onset Huntington’s Disease (JHD) as a
Compassionate Allowance (CAL) condition. CAL cases
receive expedited processing within the context of the
existing disability determination process. This means that an
individual diagnosed with JHD can now get their Disability
application approved much more quickly – sometimes
within days.
Medical conditions on the Compassionate Allowances list
are so devastating that they qualify for Social Security
benefits based on minimal objective medical information.
Currently, only 130 conditions are included in SSA’s
Compassionate Allowances list. The Juvenile Onset
Huntington’s Disease Compassionate Allowance Status will
begin in August of 2012.
This is an important victory for families facing Juvenile Onset
Huntington’s Disease and HDSA is proud to have led this
advocacy effort. HDSA has maintained a dialogue with SSA
since 2004 to streamline the Disability process for HD. Since the
inception of the Compassionate Allowances program in 2007,
HDSA has been advocating for a CAL designation for HD
through letters, testimony at hearings, and face-to-face meetings.
Here is a brief history of HDSA’s outreach to the Social Security
Administration with regard to Compassionate Allowances:


Source: HDSA

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